The potato is not, in and of itself, an energy source. The potato conducts electricity by acting as a bridge between two metals - a copper cathode and a zinc anode. the electron current moves across the wire to create electricity.

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Potato Band Manifesto



Potato Band is as a way for us to deliberately entangle our art practices and to disengage from being so singular and lonely in our pursuit of art making.


Potato Band is a way to give agency and liveness to non-human entities who might feel lonely too.


Potato Band seeks to break the hierarchy between producer and receiver.


Potato Band is a collective, there are a host of contributors, human and non-humans, that are involved. We share skills, ideas, resources and equipment. It is a ‘band’ and it is fun.


Potato Band believes that the production of music and performance can be a collective venture, one that does not require prior institutional training or compositional expertise.


Potato band think that being ‘a band’ gives you more freedom to say things that as ‘an artist’ you might not.


Potato Band platform the idea of world making – and believe that collaboration can make ideas stronger and better through collective dialogue and critique. Collaboration can push imaginative ideas to occur physically in reality, rather than only in the singular imagination of one. World making is about exercising your imagination, and as you exercise your imagination, you reclaim your mind and body and consequently reclaim agency in relation to the ‘bigger’ world around you. It is about having real presence in a world that is based on intangible ideas such as ‘use’, ‘value’, and ‘consumption’.

Rosie Carr and Natalie Kynigopoulou 2019

Documentation from our performance at IMT Gallery - A live event as part of Benedict Drew's show: TRAPPED IN A STICKY SHED WITH SIDE CHAIN COMPRESSION. November 2019  Video by: Jos Bitelli